Bangladesh Youth Union considers Moroccan violations a "brutal ethnic cleansing" against Saharawi people

DHAKA, (Bangladesh), 25 July 2019 (SPS) - The Bangladesh Youth Union (BYU), condemned the latest Moroccan violations against Saharawi citizens in the occupied city of El Aaiun, in a message of solidarity to the Sahrawi Youth Union, on Thursday, describing it as a crime of "brutal ethnic cleansing".

BYU condemned "the recent attack on Saharawi peaceful celebration led by Moroccan authority. Bangladesh youth union believes it's an act of brutal ethnic cleansing which violates the laws of humanity and justice.."

In the same vein, BYU expressed its full solidarity with the family of the young Sahrawi, Sabah Osman, who was killed by two cars belonging to the Moroccan auxiliary forces.

It also called upon all progressive forces and organizations around the world to “focus on the suffering of the Saharawi people and stand by them in their legitimate struggle.

The letter also called for the "release of innocent Saharawi’s who are captured, tortured and imprisoned forcefully by Moroccan authority."

It is worth mentioning that the recent events in the city of El Aaiun caught the attention of the public opinion in many countries, where organizations and parties have expressed their condemnation of these violations, and at the same time demonstrations and sit-ins of solidarity are called for in several countries to expose this new crime committed by the Moroccan forces of occupation against Sahrawi civilians.

090/500/60 (SPS)