NMLWS condemns Moroccan forces of occupation latest violations in occupied Western Sahara

Abuja (Nigeria) 24 July 2019- The Nigerian Movement for the Liberation of Western Sahara (NMLWS) condemns “the bestial attacks on Saharawi civilians on 19th July 2019, in El Aiun –Western Sahara by Moroccan occupying forces,” in a press release signed by Dr. Dipo Fashina, and issued by the organization on Tuesday, of which SPS received a copy.

“The Saharawi people became victims of assault on humanity by Moroccan security forces comprising uniformed policemen, gendarmes, paramilitary and auxiliary forces,” the text reads, emphasizing that NMLWS “condemns the bestiality of all kinds unleashed on the Saharawi people by Morocco’s forces, occupiers of Saharawi territories.”

It further considered that these “Moroccan bestiality”, taking place in the presence of the United Nations Mission for Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), “is, and ought to be a matter of grave concern for all peoples in the world who cherish human freedom and dignity.”

The press release estimated that “the bestiality demonstrated by Moroccan forces is a challenge to the United Nations to defend the universal rights of all human beings to life, dignity, respect and the rights of all nations to self-rule.

It is also, a special challenge to the African Union, NMLWS declares, since the Pan African organization “has the obligation to accomplish the mission of completing the decolonization of Africa.”

To this end, “the African Union must show a more vigorous commitment to the realization of Saharawi independence. The persistence of colonial rule in Western Sahara, the plunder of Western Sahara’s resources by Morocco and its international allies, the repression of the right of the Saharawi people to live free in their own land, are historical injustices,” NMLWS stressed.

The right of the people of Western Sahara to ownership and control of their natural resources, and to use them for the well-being of the Saharawi people, “is inalienable. Africa should force Morocco to respect humanity, human rights and dignity in Western Sahara. The continued unfreedom of Western Sahara is a challenge to all African people. Until all Africa is free we all are not free.”

The NMLWS also “condemns the media blockade on the atrocities happening in Western Sahara,” and called “on all freedom loving media houses in the world to expose these conspiracies and evil being perpetrated by Morocco and its backers in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).”

Furthermore, it declares that in Nigeria, there is a conviction “that the continued Moroccan inhuman and unjust treatment of the Saharawi people is futile, historically retrogressive, and cannot halt the struggle for the complete decolonization of Africa.”

It called for the immediate and unconditional release of all Saharawis victims of Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, and launched an appeal to “all peoples of the world to support the Saharawi people in their Just Struggle for Independence.”

Criticizing the European Union’s position, NMLWS estimated that the “EU should stop treating human beings in Western Sahara as mere tools for acquisition of economic goods- phosphates, fish, sand etc. The EU should live to the universally valid principle of respect for nationality rights, ie the rights of all peoples to self- determination: to sovereignty.”

As for the African Union, NMLWS affirms that “Saharawi independence should be deemed non-negotiable. All African peoples and their governments must insist on the completion of the decolonization process in Africa.”

090/500/60 (SPS)