France encourages Morocco in preventing political settlement, says senator Prunaud

Paris (France), April 13, 2019 (SPS) - French senator Christine Prunaud said Wednesday that France encourages Morocco which is preventing any political settlement in Western Sahara (as part of the UN peace process).

"Proclaiming that it will use its veto power against any resolution that is not approved by Morocco, by giving a green light to a European Union-Morocco trade agreement including Western Sahara, in violation of the international and European legality, France encourages Morocco in its attitude towards the UN peace process, without compromise," the French senator said in a written question to the minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to be published Thursday in the Senate's Official Gazette.

"Morocco's intransigence hinders the political settlement and lead to the worsening of the conflict, which has resulted in grave consequences."

The French senator cited, among other impacts, the difficult situation of Saharawi refugees, "permanent tensions between Algeria and Morocco, lack of integration among Maghreb countries, armament race."

France, which "is influential in the region and does not conceal its friendship with Morocco," she added, "does not contribute to resolving tensions."

Senator Prunaud asks the minister to clarify the role France intends to play to "uphold the inalienable rights of the Saharawi people." (SPS)