OOTT Ministry strongly condemns EU's ongoing efforts to illegally include Western Sahara in trade agreements with Morocco

Chahid El Hafed, Sept 05, 2018 (SPS) - The Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Abroad Community has strongly condemned the European Union's efforts to include the Western Sahara illegally in trade agreements with Morocco pointing out the agendas of  the meeting of the human rights components in the occupied areas with the European Commission's fact-finding mission on agricultural and fisheries products in Western Sahara, in a statement a copy reached SPS

The Sahrawi human rights components emphasized to the said mission that the Frente POLISARIO is the unique and legitimate representative to the Sahrawi people, recalling the EUCJ ruling which stipulates clearly the sovereignty of the people of Western Sahara over their natural resources submitting to it reports reveal the systematic human rights violations, media blockade, plundering of natural resources and the Moroccan authorities attempts to erase Sahrawi people cultural identity in the Occupied Territories, the statement states     

“The Moroccan authority’s pressure leads EU Parliament's mission to hold the meetings with the Sahrawi activities in the Bardour Hotel, besieged by Moroccan police and intelligence services and equipped with espionage and surveillance techniques,” the ministry statement adds.

The Ministry praises highly the efforts of the Sahrawi human rights activities who courageously challenge the Moroccan military and intimidation policy to reach out to their European interlocutors, reaffirming  that Morocco has an illegitimacy authority to negotiate any trade agreements on behalf of the Saharawi people as an occupying power  SPS