UESARIO 3rd Congress continues its work in wilaya of Dakhla

Wilaya of Dakhla (Rrefugee Camps), August 25, 2018 (SPS) - The work of the 3rd Congress of the Sahrawi Students' Union (UESARIO) is continuing for the second day in the wilaya of Dakhla in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

The congress is organized August 26-25-24, under the theme "Sahrawi students.. continuous sacrifice for winning the battle of liberation and construction," in the presence of more than 500 delegates representing the extensions of the student organization, a delegation from the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and more than 150 guests.

The participants in the congress discussed the situation, challenges and aspirations of the Sahrawi students, as well as enriching the basic documents of the congress (Basic Law, Program of Action, Letters, Recommendations and Final Declaration)

The participants stressed the necessity of exerting more efforts towards the student sector and supporting them in assuming their leading position in society and integrating them into the institutions of the Sahrawi state under the banner of the polisario Front for the liberation and national independence.  (SPS)