Prime Minister hails Algeria unwavering position towards Saharawi people just cause

Boumerdes (Algeria), August 15,  2018 (SPS) - the Prime Minister of Sahrawi Republic, Mr. Mohamed El Uali Akik has expressed his deep gratitude to Algeria for its principled positions towards the Saharawi people and their just cause, praising its pioneering role in achieving security and stability and standing by the peoples.

“On my own behalf and on behalf of the Saharawi people of government, I would like to sincerely express my thanks to the Algerian government and people under the leadership of H.E, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for their firm positions towards the Saharawi people, which will be remembered by  the Sahrawi people, generation by generation.” Mohamed El Uali Akik says in his address

On the other hand, the Prime Minister praised the positions of the Solidarity Movement with the Saharawi people in Europe in general and on all continents of the world, calling on all the free governments, parties and civil society movements to stand by the Saharawi people's legitimate struggle and support it by all possible means until he realize his legitimate objectives of freedom and independence. SPS