Sahrawi Petroleum and Minerals Authority qualifies EU Council decision as “immoral and illegal”

Paris (France), July 21, 2018 (SPS) - Chairperson of the Sahrawi Petroleum and Minerals Authority, Dr. Zubair, has described the decision of the Council of the European Union, to include Western Sahara in the EU-Morocco trade agreement, as an immoral and constitutes a blatant violation of law and the principles on which the European Union was founded based on democracy and respect for the rights of peoples.

Speaking on a face-to-face program aired by France 24 in Arabic TV channel, Dr. Ghali Zubair added that the decision taken by the European Council was the result of malicious methods used by the Moroccan regime to blackmail Europe, when they are in trouble, by means of pressure through terrorism, drugs, secret immigration and intelligence cooperation.

The Saharawi official highlighted the negative role of France as the only member of the Union working hard to ensure the interests of the Kingdom of Morocco within this European institution.

Chairperson of the Sahrawi Petroleum and Minerals Authority confirmed the full willingness of the Polisario Front to refer again to the European Court of Justice, in order to defend the right of the Saharawi people and snatching it through the European court, which will force the European Commission to cancel this decision and retreat from it. (SPS)