Extremadura backs Saharawi people legitimate right to self-determination (press)

Extremadura, July 11, 2018 (SPS) -.The Assembly of Extremadura has joined the Declaration of Zaragoza, which backs the legitimate right of the Saharawi people to self-determination through a referendum, as a last step in the process of decolonization that has persisted for decades.

This document, which was approved last May at the XXII Conference of Peace and Freedom Intergroups for the Saharawi People, held in the Cortes of Aragon, has been ratified by the Plenary of the Extremaduran Parliament in an institutional declaration approved by all the groups of the camera.

The second secretary of the table, Eugenio Romero, has read an extract of the so-called Declaration of Zaragoza, which indicates that the Frente POLISARIO is the legitimate and only representative of the Saharawi people, as recognized by the UN and the international community.

It also calss the Kingdom of Morocco to immediate release all Saharawi political prisoners and the cessation of human rights violations, denouncing the moroccan looting of natural resources.SPS