Hezbollah-Polisario alleged relation: “Complete fabrication of Moroccans”

Paris, May 26, 2018 (SPS) - Morocco’s accusation against Iran for facilitating weapon delivery to the Polisario Front, via Lebanese movement Hezbollah is a “complete fabrication of Moroccans,” affirmed an Arab diplomat, cited by “Le Monde.”

“It is a complete fabrication of Moroccans who are able to find any pretext to refuse resuming negotiations” with the Polisario Front, said the Arab diplomat who remains anonymous, cited in an analysis of “Le Monde” paper which came out on Thursday, to try to explain the reasons behind the breaking-off by Morocco of its diplomatic relations with Iran.

Morocco’ accusation, dubbed “allegation,” was categorically denied by Teheran, affirming that this “affair is totally unfounded.”

Morocco’s ambassador was summoned by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which informed him of the Algerian authorities’ rejection of the “totally unfounded” statement, implicating indirectly Algeria.

For its part, the Polisario Front, the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, “firmly” condemned the “irresponsible, shameless and false” Moroccan allegations which show “Morocco’s attempts to shirk implementing the decision of the Security Council 2414” concerning the continuation of direct negotiations between the two sides.

The Arab diplomat, cited by Le Monde, said that “Rabat had already accused the Polisario to hold ties with al-Qaeda,” two or three years ago, pointing out that “this diplomatic crisis allowed the kingdom to please its sponsors of the Gulf countries. (SPS)