Western Sahara: International community urged to set date for self-determination referendum

Smara (Saharawi Refugee Camps), March 02, 2018 (SPS) - The International Conference on Nonviolent Resistance wrapped up Tuesday with a call urging the international community to set a date for a referendum on Western Sahara people's self-determination.

The participants in the international conference, named after the Saharawi martyr "Dida El-Yazid," stressed the need to support the peaceful resistance and uphold human rights in the occupied territories and end Morocco's systematic despoliation of Saharawi natural resources with the complicity of foreign countries and international companies. 

They also emphasized the need to demolish the "wall of shame," which divides Western Sahara in two parts, considered as a crime against humanity. 

The conference adopted all the decisions and recommendations made during the various workshops held on the sidelines of the event, mainly in relation to natural resources, human rights, Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan jails, peaceful Intifada and the wall of shame.

The three-day conference was an opportunity to reiterate the nonviolent nature of Western Sahara people's struggle in the occupied territories.

It made it possible for the participating delegations to discuss various themes aiming at developing a joint working plan to continue the non-violent struggle against Moroccan occupation.  SPS