Exiled, exhibition by 16 Canaries' artists in support of Western Sahara cause

Madrid (Spain), Feb 17, 2018 (SPS) - Sixteen Spanish artists from the Canary Islands are holding an exhibition entitled "The Exiled to Shed Light on Western Sahara Cause," displaying the suffering endured by the population forced into exile for more than 42 years.

The artists, through the exhibition, want to bring a financial contribution, by the sale of their works, to the Holiday of Peace programme meant for Saharawi children.

The exhibition (February 15-27), coinciding with the anniversary of the proclamation of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), "is not only a support to Western Sahara cause, but is also an opportunity to discuss the conflict of Western Sahara, located 100 km only from the Canary Islands," said Mari Carmen Cabrera, a member of the Canaries' group for friendship with the Saharawi people.

"In this respect, we demand the Spanish government to find a solution to the conflict, considering its historical responsibility as the colonizing country (of Western Sahara), which still has the administrative power over the territory."

Cabrera noted that such an initiative (exhibition) serves as a platform to feed the debate and exert pressure on Spanish political authorities to get involved in the settlement of Western Sahara issue.SPS