Uruguay Senate reaffirms its support to Saharawi cause

Montevideo (Uruguay), Dec 28, 2017 (SPS) - The Senate of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay unanimously adopted a resolution expressing support to the cause of the Saharawi people.

The speech that was delivered by the deputy Frente Amplio, Martínez Huelmo, made a review of the history of the conflict, highlighting the resolutions of international law, which endorse the aspirations of the Saharawi people.

The legislator of the political force that governs Uruguay, did not hide the "serious situations that violate the human rights of the Saharawi people, such as the repression of peaceful demonstrations, detentions, torture, etc., which signify that the Kingdom of Morocco would not have the will to implement the decisions of the United Nations and pave a path of justice and peace ".

In this regard, Uruguay demands "compliance with the Charter of the United Nations and the provisions of the aforementioned organization," to resolve the conflict peacefully. warning that the status quo "takes away credit from the United Nations itself regarding the resolutions of its General Assembly and the Security Council and, simultaneously, the actions of the African Union, which also calls for the necessary decolonization process of Western Sahara ".

It should be recalled that both countries, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, are linked by diplomatic sources. SPS