Sahrawi southern populations Community urged to step up struggle at all levels

Agüeinit  (Liberated Sahrawi territories)- Sahrawi Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar has urged, Wednesday in Aghouinit, Sahrawi southern populations Community to "step up struggle and support Polisario Front."

The Sahrawi premier called on the participants in the meeting of southern populations Community "to step up struggle at all levels," recalling that "Sahrawis in the occupied territories need support, solidarity and protection."

He added that Sahrawi political prisoners in the occupied territories are suffering a lot for the triumph of the Sahrawi cause, stressing the need for further support.

Taleb Omar also underlined Algerian people's unwavering support to peoples' right to self-determination and for the respect of borders inherited from colonialism.

"Sahrawi Army is ready to play its role after the simulation exercises which showed its capacity," he said, adding "Victory is at hand."

"Morocco has no other option than sitting at the negotiating table with the Sahrawis," concluded Sahrawi premier.SPS