SADR Army cannot be confined forever to refugee status, says Defence minister

Agüeinit (Liberated Saharawi Territories) Dec 26, 2017 (SPS)  - Defence Minister of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) Abdallah Lahbib said Monday, in the liberated town of Agüeinit, that the Saharawi Army "cannot be confined forever to a refugee status."  

"The Saharawi Army, as part of the Frente POLISARIO’s policy, is ready to deal with any unexpected situation and respond to any eventuality to snatch Western Sahara people's right to independence and self-determination, like any other nation, if the international community does not intervene to bring justice to these people who have been living under Moroccan occupation for more than 42 years," Abdallah Lahbib said in a letter addressed to the international community.

Abdallah Lahbib added that the Saharawi issue was at the hands of the United Nations Security Council, but the Saharawi Army is getting prepared its missions and to cope with any unforeseen situation."

The SADR Army officer said the military operations in Agüeinit, the seventh military district, including the military manoeuvres, come as an outcome of Saharawi Army's year-long efforts and perseverance.

The military manoeuvers are part of Saharawi soldiers' preparations for combat, under the slogan "raising the level of preparation to the maximum."

Saharawi Army's military manoeuvres have been carried out with the symbolic participation of all Sahrawi military districts.

Lahbib stressed the high level the Saharawi Liberation Army has reached in terms of training and professionalism.SPS