Algeria renews unconditional support to Western Sahara people's cause

Algiers, Nov 29, 2017 (SPS) - Deputy speaker of the People's National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), Djamel Bouras, renewed, at the Saharawi refugee camps on Tuesday, "Algeria's unconditional support" to Western Sahara people's struggle to restore their freedom and achieve their self-termination.

Bouras, leading an MP delegation attending the festivities commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the creation of the Saharawi National Council, renewed Algeria's "principled and consistent" position in favor of Western Sahara people's cause.

The Algerian MP explained that Algeria's position stems from the values and principles of the Glorious Algerian Revolution (1954-1962).

Algeria "will continue to support the just cause of Western Sahara in the various international parliamentarian fora until victory.

"Algeria considers Western Sahara conflict as a decolonization issue requiring from the international community to support the settlement of the just cause according to the charters and resolutions of the international legality and to intervene to put an end to the exploitation of Saharawi people's resources."

Bouras hailed Western Sahara people's struggle and their determination to recover their rights, adding that they will triumph over the evil schemes of some colonial countries.

Bouras called on the international community to pay tribute to the last colony in Africa, Western Sahara, stressing the need to provide a humanitarian aid relief to the Saharawi people, who are subjected to an organized genocide.SPS