42th Anniversary of the Moroccan Military Invasion to Western Sahara

Chahid El Hafed, Oct 31, 2017 (SPS) - On October 31, it coincides with the 42nd Anniversary of the Moroccan Military Invasion of Western Sahara, which took place in 1975, the date of the beginning of the repression and the tragedy of the Saharawi people at the hands of the Kingdom of Morocco.


The Moroccan monarchy initiated a massive military invasion, through which the main Sahrawi towns and villages were destroyed, the local population was exterminated and those who survived the massacre were left under savage occupation or began a long road to exile.


The irresponsibility of Spain as a power that administered the territory, according to international law, meant a total destitution of the Saharawi population, which to this day, suffers the consequences of that Moroccan military invasion, which took place, due  to the passivity of Spain.


42 years later, the Saharawi people kept alive the struggle for their dignity and for their State, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, especially the territory of Western Sahara, despite the obstructions imposed by Morocco to prevent the implementation of international legality and , the systematic violations of the human rights of the Saharawi people, as well as the explicit pillage of their natural resources.


Today, the Saharawi State is in progressive construction thanks to the national unity around the only and legitimate representative (Frente POLISARIO) and the heroic peaceful resistance of the Saharawi people in the OOTT , in the Refugee Camps and diaspora, SPS