Establishment of a Solidarity Committee with the Saharawi people in Brazil

Brasilia, Oct 31, 2017 (SPS) - The Committee for the Independence of Western Sahara has been established in the State of Bahia, as announced today by the Frente POLISARIO representative in Brazil.

The event was preceded by a series of lectures at Universities and meetings of the Frente POLISARIO representative in Brazil Emboirik Ahmed with Social Movements and Trade Unions.

In the different meetings the story of the long struggle of the Saharawi people for imposing their right to independence against the Spanish colonial was strongly presented and the subsequent illegal occupation of their territory by Morocco was discussed.

The Committee's initial objectives are to promote a campaign to publicize and raise awareness among Brazilian citizens about the Sahrawi Republic and its struggle for independence through talks, conferences, television and written press, as well as to denounce the crimes that the Moroccan administration has committed against the Sahrawi people.

All these initiatives are within the framework of promoting a campaign for the recognition of the RASD by Brazil. SPS