Horst Köhler Visit: Consultative Council calls on UN to end Saharawi people suffering

Wilaya de Auserd, Oct 18,2017 (SPS) - The Consultative Council, on Wednesday, called on the international community to end the suffering of the Saharawi people, which lasted more than four decades.

The Saharawi Consultative Council Vice-President, Abba Mohamed Moulud Abbali, said in an address on behalf of his organ, on the occasion of the arrival of the Personal Envoy to the camps, that the Saharawi people collaborated positively with all successive special envoys despite absence of a just solution to the Saharawi question.

Aba Mohamed Moulud, reiterated that the Saharawi people demanded to put an end to their suffering and, in particular, human rights violations in the Occupied Territories of Morocco, which requires an urgent solution to the 42-year conflict.

In this regard, the Advisory Council considers that the reasons why the efforts of the previous envoys were not successful are the obstructions of Morocco that seek to prevent the application of international legality.

The Vice-President of the Consultative Council reiterated his confidence in the new envoy and the willingness of the Saharawi people to collaborate with him, while emphasizing his outstanding career, which will "contribute to the solution of the conflict."SPS