International Women March calls for an accelerated end to the occupation of Western Sahara

Maputo (Mozambique), August 29, 2017 (SPS) - The International March for Women called on the international community and the African Union to act as soon as possible to end the illegal Moroccan occupation of party of the Sahrawi Republic.

The International Women's March said in a statement that what happened in Maputo during the summit of the partnership between the African Union and Japan on August 23 and 24, and the conduct of the Moroccan delegation is irresponsible and contrary to the decisions and principles of the African Union.

"We, the women of the International Women's Movement, strongly condemn this unacceptable act of the Moroccan delegation," the statement said, calling on the African Union to reject it categorically.

 The International Women's March also called on the African Union to commit itself to assuming full responsibility for the Western Sahara issue.

The statement stressed the need to accompany the international march of women to the Saharawi people until they achieve their freedom and independence. SPS