March for peace in Western Sahara Saturday in Seville: no to Moroccan occupation

Madrid, July 8, 2017 (SPS) - The new secretary of the Communist Party of Andalusia (PCA), Ernesto Alba, said that the march for peace in Western Sahara, which will be held Saturday in Seville is intended to say no to the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.

This solidarity event called by the Andalusian Federation of Solidarity Associations with Western Sahara (FANDAS) and organized by the association of Seville, a friend of the Saharawi people, will see the participation of Ernesto Alba and thousands of people in solidarity with the Saharawi cause.

Andalusia has been and will always be friends with Western Sahara, says the Secretary-General of the Andalusian Communist Party in a press release.

Mr. Alba said that the solidarity of the Andalusian people with the Sahara is demonstrated every year by its great contribution to Holidays in Peace Program and humanitarian caravans to accommodate thousands of children and send tons of food to the Sahrawi refugees, , and "this year," he added, "we will say no to the occupation of the Saharawi territory."

In his statement the new secretary-general of the Communist Party of Andalusia encouraged the militants of his party to participate in this act of solidarity to show the historic commitment of the party with the dignity of the struggle of the Polisario Front and reject the policy of poverty and repression that Morocco has imposed on Western Sahara for decades.

In addition, the leader of the PCA has also appealed to the Andalusian people and the provincial council to demand "urgently" the respect of international law for the holding of a referendum of self-determination which will enable the Saharawi people to decide freely on their future.

This event, which takes place every year, and which takes place on the occasion of the arrival in Andalusia of the Saharawi children under Holidays in Peace Program, will tour the main avenues of Seville demanding the freedom of Western Sahara and denouncing the difficult situation which its people live. (SPS)