Human Rights Council urged to protect Sahrawi people's natural resources

Geneva, June 17, 2017 (SPS) - Sahrawi activist Mina Abaali called on the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to protect Sahrawi people's natural resources from the systematic looting by foreign companies from the European Union and by others from Morocco.

During a general debate on the item 4 on the agenda of the 35th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Sahrawi activist denounced the fact that some companies continue their fishing activities on coasts belonging to Western Sahara, under agreements concluded with the occupying power Morocco.

"This is a blatant violation of the international law and of the European Court of Justice's ruling, which considers that any agreement concluded with Morocco and including Western Sahara territories without explicit consent of Sahrawi people, through their representative Polisario Front, is null and void and constitutes a violation of the law," said the activist.

For her part, Sahrawi journalist Ababa Ahmida called on the UN Human Rights Council to assume its role regarding Western Sahara to push the UN process by allowing Sahrawi people exercise their right to self-determination, in accordance with international charters and treaties. (SPS)