Saharawi activist Mina Abaali reveals Saharawi woman violations by Moroccan security forces

Geneva, June 14, 2017 (SPS) - The Saharawi activist, formerly abducted by the Moroccan police forces, uncovered in Geneva the mistreatment suffered by Saharawi women by Moroccan security apparatuses in the Occupied Zones.


Mina Abaali, in a paper entitled "Women under occupation", at the XXXV session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, in the presence of several women interested in the situation of women in the world. She gave a living testimony of what she had lived since she was 16, starting with physical and psychic torture to prison and forced exile.


In her speech, the activist explained the dark situation that the Saharawi women live in the Occupied Zones such as Sukaina Jed Ahlu, Adekja Lashgar, Aminetu Haidar, Sultana Jaia, Fatimetu Dahwar, etc.


Mina Abaali, concluded her testimony with the statement that the Saharawi woman, despite the Moroccan repression, has the resistance and perseverance necessary for the Saharawi people to achieve their freedom and independence.


At the same meeting, the Saharawi journalist, Ababa Hameida, participated in another presentation with international personalities interested in international law and human rights. In her speech, she underlined the suffering of the Saharawi people in the Occupied Zones and in the Refugee Camps, adding that occupation is the main cause of this suffering.


In another activity, the Saharawi student and activist, Leila Fajuri, presented another paper on "freedom of expression", where she explained the obstacles Morocco put in the face of Saharawi journalists to hinder them from bringing the voice of the Saharawi people abroad. The activist cited the cases of journalists such as Salah Lebsir, Albambari Ahmed, Bachir Jada and Hasan Adah, who are in prison simply for reporting the violations suffered by civilians in the occupied Western Sahara. SPS