Education Minister received by his Cuban counterpart

Havana, May 30, 2017 (SPS) - The Minister of Education, Mohamed Moulud Mohamed Fadel, was received Monday in Havana by his Cuban counterpart, Ana Elsa.

The meeting, attended by the ambassador in Cuba, Malainin Atgana and the director of foreign relations and cooperation in the Cuban Ministry of Education, constitutes an opportunity to evaluate the high relations between the two countries in the field of education.

Along the same lines, the two sides evaluated the success of the Simon Bolivar National School, and the measures necessary for its sustainability. It should be remembered that the pedagogical aspect of this center is managed by a mission of Cuban teachers specialized in the subject.

At the meeting, the parties discussed how to promote relations in the field of education, the exchange of experiences and the indicators that allow the achievement of human development goals in education, established by the UN 2030 agenda.

The Saharawi minister of education expressed his gratitude for the fraternal reception given by the Cuban minister of education, which, according to him, reflects the high level of cooperation that unites the two ministries.

Mohamed Moulud Mohamed Fadel, took the opportunity to convey the gratitude and appreciation of the Saharawi people for the solidarity and support given by the Cuban people and their institutions in all areas.

to be noted that the meeting comes as part of the official visit of the Saharawi presidential delegation to Cuba. SPS