Former UN chief: the UN referendum is the only solution for the issue of Western Sahara

Copenhagen (Denmark), April 25, 2017 (SPS) - In an article published Tuesday in the Danish Media, the Former Chief of MINURSO Troops in Western Sahara, the Danish General Major, Mr. Kurt Mosgaard stressed that while these days the UN SC is discussing the issue of Western Sahara, the UN referendum for the people of Western Sahara, which the international law states as a model for former colonies remains the only way to avoid new war in Western Sahara.

After 26 years of ceasefire between POLISARIO and Morocco could be changed to new war.

Mr. Kurt Mosgaard said that the actual situation in Western Sahara was linked to several issues among them; Spain, against international rules, surrendered its former colony to Morocco and Mauritania in 1975, Morocco, which attacked and occupied the area in 1975, the members of the UN Security Council, whom failed to live up to their responsibilities and so, all of us, as tacitly, seemed to, while fundamental human rights were under pressure.

Mr. Mosgaard said that Denmark, Sweden and Norway where the issue of Western Sahara is high in the agenda should make an alliance and should be guided by international law and push for UN referendum for Self-determination where the Saharawi people could choose freely their future. (SPS)