Sahrawi political prisoners on hunger strike at various Moroccan prisons

Tata (Morocco) 15 April 2017 (SPS) - Many Sahrawi political prisoners held at Moroccan prisons undergo unlimited hunger strikes in an escalating step to demand their rights guaranteed in accordance with international covenants and conventions in line with their legal status as prisoners of conscience.

In this context, Sahrawi political prisoner Ali al-Sadouni, entered Tuesday an unlimited hunger strike at the Moroccan prison in the city of Tata in protest against the ill-treatment he receives from the guards and officials of the prison, him transfer from one cell to another, assaults on him, in addition to demanding his basic rights as a prisoner of conscience, especially his right to medical treatment and communication with the outside world.

In same context, 13 Sahrawi students continue their unlimited hunger strike they initiated on April 10, at Oudaya prison in Marrakech to denounce the illegal practices of the prison administration, which are aimed at denying them their rights. These practices were intensified after the group started the hunger strike, where the administration prevented the group from contacting the outside world in addition to restrictions on their families during their visits. (SPS)