UNMS takes part in refugees Day at Carlos III Spanish University

Madrid, March 28, 2017 (SPS) - The head of International Relations of the Sahrawi Women Union (UNMS),  Ms.  Jadiyetu El Mojtar participated on Monday in the Conference on refugees organized by Carlos III University of Madrid, where she has presented a paper on refugees and the causes that drive people to flee their countries.


In her speech, the Saharawi representative criticized the double standards of Western powers working with humanitarian agencies at the same time support this situation by selling arms and signing illegal agreements with a country that illegally occupies another territory and violates systematically Human rights as is the case in Morocco.


Jadiyetu El Mojtar demanded a real commitment to put an end to the causes that drive people to flee their countries, and experienced the precarious situation in the occupied Territories of Western Sahara where the Moroccan occupant constantly violates the rights of the civilian Saharawi population.


she praised the important role of Saharawi women in Saharawi refugee camps with exemplary self-management that deserved respect and consideration from international organizations working there. SPS