Cabinet sets action plan for reconstruction of Liberated Zones

Bir-Lehlu (Liberated Zones), March 5, 2017 (SPS)- The Council of Ministers set during a meeting Friday in the liberated town of Bir-Lehlu, an action plan for the reconstruction of the liberated zones of Western Sahara to realize the decisions of the 14th Congress of the Polisario Front and the Government programme for the year 2017.

In a statement, the meeting addressed organizational aspects of the municipalities and determined the functions, powers, and geographical space, and formulated the work in various aspects, especially after the intense presence of the civilian population and the emergence of population centers along the liberated territories of Western Sahara, and the requirements of different facilities performing essential services. 

The statement appealed to all Sahrawis, wherever they are, for mobilization and contribution besides the national administration in the success and implement of this multidimensional strategy, calling all friends and allies across the world to mobilize support and assistance for the success of this approach and ensuring its continuity. (SPS)