CJEU Western Sahara: a pressure decision for the European Union

Algiers (Algeria), January 12, 2017 (SPS) - The decision of the European Union Court of Justice, whose verdict, issued on 21 December, indicates that the association and liberalization agreements between the EU and Morocco are not applicable to Western Sahara, is pressure  to the Union and its members, a senior European diplomat in Brussels said, according to the Algerian daily El Moujahid.


"The CJUE ruling  is pressing for the EU and its Member States. We live in a state of law, and we must abide by every decision taken by justice, "Nicholas Westcott, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the European External Action Service, said during an exchange of views with members of The Committee on Foreign Affairs in, the European Parliament.


The Ambassador of Algeria in Brussels, Amar Belani, congratulated himself on the "clear" statements of the European diplomat, stating that the latter "are not suffering from any ambiguity" and "confirm the well-founded analysis we had made of the judgment of the CJUE of December 21, 2016 ". SPS