Polisario Front criticizes Morocco’s proposal to promote tourism with Canary Islands

Madrid, December 19, 2016 (SPS) - Canary Islands’ Polisario Front Delegation said that “the Moroccan authorities are trying to legitimize the occupation of the territories of Western Sahara with their proposal to share tourists with the Spanish archipelago and to promote the cooperation in this sector.”

The Sahrawi delegation criticized, in a communiqué, the Moroccan proposal to the autonomous Spanish community “to share tourists with it and to sustainably boost this sector” by underlining that “Morocco tries once again to involve the Canary Islands in a conflict which is not of benefit to it, on one hand, and which tries to legitimize the occupation of the Sahrawi territories, on the other hand.”

The Polisario Front considers that this proposal “is made to legitimize its occupation that Morocco hasn’t been able to achieve in the international institutions.”

The failure of the Moroccan diplomacy led by the different governments after 41 years encouraged “the king to make a tour in several African countries promising cooperation projects in exchange for giving up the support to the Sahrawi cause,” said the source.

After all these failures, Morocco “tries to use the Canary Islands once again, as a breath of fresh air, by proposing to it fictitious projects which do not benefit the Sahrawi people.” (SPS)