International Law Students’ Seminar about Saharawi Self-determination in Japan

Tokyo (Japan), December 12, 2016 (SPS) - Five international law students of Waseda University spontaneously had started to study the Situation of Western Sahara, and on October 20, 2016, they held the first preparative meeting for “Banzai International Law Student Seminar” at Waseda University, the biggest private university in Japan.

December 10 , 2016, five law students published their report at “Banzai International Law Students’ Seminar”, The Seminar was directed by Professor Hiroyuki Banzai, in Waseda University hall. More than 50 students, some professors, some journalists and a high official of the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan listened to their report about the legal aspect of the self –determination for Western Sahara.

Quoting the UN General Assembly Resolution 1514, the Advisory opinion of 1975 by the International Court of Justice, and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2285, the five students concluded,” the international community should stop the Moroccan violation against the Saharawi self- determination and against the Saharawi human rights. Western Sahara should be independent.”

After the report, the participants discussed how to realize the Saharawi self- determination and they supported the Referendum of the Self –Determination for the Western Sahara people. (SPS)