Tanzanian government called on to continue support of Sahrawi people struggle for self-determination and independence

Dar es Salaam, October 30, 2016 (SPS) - Tanzanian Saharawi Solidarity Committee has called on Tanzanian government to continue support for the just struggle of Sahrawi people for self-determination and independence, in a statement on the eve of the visit of the King of Morocco to the United Republic of Tanzania.

“We strongly caution and want the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania not to rethink and withdraw its stand of supporting Western Sahara; and we further urge the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania not to tolerate and allow "Economic Diplomacy" to become the gateway to abandon our principles of freedom, humanity, good neighborhood and our devotion for the struggle for justice,” stressed the statement of the committee.

“We affirm Tanzania's stand that recognizes and supports Western Sahara in the international instruments such as the African Union and the United Nations,” the statement added.

The committee praised the African Union endeavors that support the liberation struggle of the people of Western Sahara, urging it to pace up their efforts in ensuring the self determination of Western Sahara.

It recommended the African Union not to consent to Morocco's reinstitution of the African Union until Morocco grants Western Sahara right to self determination.

The committee appealed to the United Nations to speed up the referendum process which shall ensure the full emancipation of Western Sahara, demanding it to extend the power and scope of undertaking of the MINURSO to assess on the issues pertaining to human rights in Western Sahara.

It condemned Morocco's continued illegal occupation of the Western Sahara and Morocco's deliberate devise to impede the referendum under the United Nation's Mission for the referendum (MINURSO) since its inception in 1991.

It asked the King of Morocco to stop and abscond from any kind and all sort of exploitation, in the occupied territories, of the natural resources, particularly phosphate minerals, of the people of Western Sahara, and to immediately release the political prisoners and activists held in different detention centers in the occupied territories of Morocco. (SPS)