Fourth Committee: Mauritius calls for solution providing for self-determination of Sahrawi people

New York, October 8, 2016 (SPS) – Mauritius has called for a solution to the question of Western Sahara that will provide for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people, at the UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee.


“My delegation  supports  the  endeavour  of  the  Secretary  General and  his  Special  Envoy  for  Western  Sahara  in  order  to  find an  acceptable  solution  to  the  problem  of  Western  Sahara,” affirmed Mauritius before the UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee.

“ The  people  of  Western  Sahara have  been  under  occupation  now  for  more  than  40  years, and  despite  the  fact  that  the  matter  has  been  on  the agenda  of  both  the  Fourth  Committee  and  the  UN  Security Council,  no  progress  seems  to  have  been  made  on  the process   of  decolonization. In   fact,   the   situation   has worsened  and  we  need  to  ensure  that  it  does  not  get  out  of control.”

“We  have  been  deeply  concerned  by  the  events  which led  to  the  expulsion  of  the  MINURSO  earlier  this  year,  and we  call  for  the  full  implementation  of  UN  Security  Council resolution 2285,  which  emphasizes  the  urgent  need  for MINURSO  to  return  to  "full  functionality",  as  well  as  calls on  all  parties,"  to  continue  negotiations  under  the  auspices of  the   Secretary-General,   without  preconditions  and  in good  faith"  so  as  to  achieve  a  "just,  lasting,  and  mutually acceptable  political  solution,  which  will  provide  for  the  self-determination  of  the  people  of  Western  Sahara...".

“We  believe  that  the  Framework  Agreement  reached  in 1988  still  represents  a  good  basis  for  a  solution.    We therefore  call  for  the  C24  Committee  on  Decolonization  to hold  a  special  session  on  Western  Sahara.  We believe that this   Committee   should   recommend   concrete   steps   to complete the process of decolonization, including proposals for the   General Assembly to determine a date for the referendum.” (SPS)