Morocco spends millions of dollars to recruit mercenaries to defend its colonial thesis

Shaheed El Hafed, October 7, 2016 (SPS) Mercenaries attend each year the deliberations of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) of the UN General Assembly, charged by Morocco that spends millions of dollars to mislead international public opinion and to defend the Moroccan colonial thesis in Western Sahara.

The Moroccan delegation this year is composed of over sixty persons selected and well paid, including agents of the Moroccan intelligence services whose mission is to focus their interventions to attack Algeria and the Polisario Front and present false achievements of Morocco in Western Sahara.

Many secret documents of Moroccan ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, according to the revelations of Chris Coleman, for the past three years, Morocco offered bribes and recruited journalists and research centers to defend its colonial presence in Western Sahara.

The documents also confirmed that the recruitment process supervised by Moroccan intelligence services and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, aimed at giving a different picture of reality and misleading international public opinion.

A secret document released by Morocco's Foreign Ministry in 2014, and published by Chris Coleman, revealed instructions to different recipients in order to prepare a special program and financial rewards to some people and politicians in several countries to be brought to New York.

The same document revealed a list of people who have expressed their desire to defend the Moroccan case before the Committee on decolonization in exchange for bribes.

It also revealed the allocation by the Moroccan ministry of Foreign Affairs of $11,000 and round-trip tickets to New York in first class in addition to accommodation in Luxury hotels in New York for five days.

The following links confirm recruitment by Morocco of some mercenaries to defend its colonial thesis in Western Sahara: (SPS)