National Secretariat : only way to avoid worst in region goes through self-determination referendum of Saharawi people

Shaheed El Hafed, September 4, 2016 (SPS) The Permanent  Bureau of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front  reiterated Saturday that "the only way to defuse tension and instability and avoid skidding in the region towards the worst goes through a democratic and transparent solution guaranteeing the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence. "

In a statement sanctioning an extraordinary meeting under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Front Polisario, Brahim Ghali, the Bureau called on the international community to meet its commitments to the Saharawi people and exercise "all pressures and sanctions needed" on Morocco in order to comply with the international legitimacy, calling for the right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people.

The Bureau reviewed the latest developments of the question of Western Sahara, including violations by Morocco of the cease-fire agreement in the buffer zone of El Guergarat, southwest of the Saharawi Republic.

It also listened to a report on the latest developments in the region of El Guergarat, recalling the measures taken by the Sahrawi people's liberation army (SPLA) and its availability to deal with this new escalation of the Moroccan state of occupation.

The Bureau reviewed the latest developments at the level of  the United Nations and Security Council as well as  the ongoing contacts between the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara and the two parties to the conflict, the Polisario Front and Morocco.

The statement reiterated the commitment of the Polisario Front, the sole legitimate representative of the Saharawi people, in terms of the settlement plan of the UN and the OAU (now AU) to hold a self-determination referendum for the Saharawi people.

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the ceasefire agreement between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco, which coincides with September 6, the Bureau warned against this new violation of the mentioned agreement because of its direct threat to peace and stability in the region. "

It also expressed its total rejection of the Moroccan "aggressive and provocative"  maneuvers, insisting on Morocco to respect the terms of the military agreement No. 1 and comply with the demands of the UN Secretary General, calling for an end to the Moroccan violations and the withdrawal of forces and equipment aimed at changing the prevalent situation since the signing of the cease-fire agreement. 

The Bureau also reviewed the level of preparations for the 2016/2017 school year. (PSS)