UN document says Morocco violated Western Sahara cease-fire agreement signed in 1991

New York, 30 August 2016. (SPS) – UN confidential document revealed on Tuesday published that Morocco had violated the cease-fire agreement signed with the Polisario Front in 1991, by sending military equipment personnel into the buffer zone without prior notice to the UN peacekeepers. According Associated Press of America.

The note to the U.N. Security Council said the Polisario Front deployed military personnel in response to Moroccan violation of the cease-fire.

The note that the UNSC will discuss in the coming days said that Morocco operating along with road laying activities” in the southern part of Western Sahara is violation of  Military Agreement No. 1” of the cease-fire

United Nations is working to form a working group composed of members of MINURSO to assess the situation and monitor ceasefire violations.

Sahrawi Government in a letter to MINURSO’s chief of staff on Sunday said that its has deployed of military forces to the area on Sunday morning “to prevent further Moroccan activities beyond the berm, including the asphalted road it has started to build.”

Moroccan regime has tried to conceal the violation of the cease-fire by impeding the mission was carried out by MINURSO to investigate, but tangible material evidence has delivered to the United Nations documented Moroccan breach of ceasefire, facing this situation, the Security Council will be in front of a new test to prove his seriousness and stop the Moroccan maneuvers designed to fail UN efforts to organize a referendum in Western Sahara.SPS