National Secretariat organizes ceremony in honour of martyr President Mohamed Abdelaziz

Dakhla (Refugee Camps) , July 10, 2016 (SPS) - The National Secretariat of the Polisario Front held Saturday a ceremony in honour of martyr President Mohamed Abdelaziz, after the end of national mourning decreed on his death on May 31.

Speaking at this occasion, Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar asserted that the life of deceased Mohamed Abdelaziz was "characterized by wisdom, deep analyses, and objective proposals and balance ".

"Deceased Mohamed Abdelaziz was distinguished by his charisma, strong personality, maturity, integrity and depth of visions ", said Minister Taleb Omar, adding that he dedicated all his praiseworthy qualities in the service of his homeland and his people.

"President Mohamed Abdelaziz was aware of justness of his people’s cause, which he defended with courage on the international scene in spite of the repeated and persistent obstacles to the peace process placed by the Moroccan occupant."

“He also sacrificed to preserve and defend national unity through the integration of all sections of society, including youth, students and Saharawi women in all institutions of the Sahrawi Republic ".

The ceremony saw the presentation of poets and intervention of Saharawi activist Ali Salem Tamek on behalf of the delegation of the occupied territories and southern Morocco in honor of Martyr President Mohamed Abdelaziz.

During this ceremony, awards were presented to the family of deceased Mohamed Abdelaziz, the Adviser to the Presidency, Abdati Breika, and Ms. Chezena, from Italian 'El Khaima' association. (SPS)