Self-determination referendum must be organized

London, July 3, 2016 (SPS) - The founder of the British association "Sandblast" of support to Western Sahara Danielle Smith affirmed Saturday evening, in London, that the referendum on Sahrawi people’s self-determination must be organized, regretting Morocco’s stubbornness to challenge the international legality.

In a statement on the sidelines of the “Mid-Summer Western Sahara Festival,” Smith said that the situation of the Sahrawi people has become really very difficult and that there is no evolution in the close future because of the stubbornness of Morocco in refusing to apply international laws.

Smith said she is puzzled about Morocco’s dreadful position vis-à-vis Sahrawi people and its arrogance vis-à-vis the international community which pushed it to expel the members of the United Nations’ mission in the region.

“Morocco doesn’t respect human rights in Western Sahara, even worse, it exploits the Sahrawi people’s natural resources for the European market with complete impunity while the people of the region are deprived of all the necessities of a decent life,” she said. (SPS)