EU-Morocco agreement cancellation: Polisario denounces Rabat schemes to spread confusion

BIR LAHLOU (Saharawi liberated territories) ), April 07, 2016 (SPS) - Polisario Front condemns Moroccan official media attempts to spread "confusion" over the European Court's decision to cancel EU-Morocco agricultural cooperation agreement, Mhamed Khadad, the Saharawi Coordinator with MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara), said in a statement.


"Moroccan media and officials, using confusion, are trying to present the appeal against the ruling of 10 December (2015), cancelling European Union-Moroccan cooperation agreement, which has just been published in EU's official journal, as an European Court decision or a new EU Council's position," Khadad wrote in the statement.

The European Court decided on December 10 to cancel EU-Morocco cooperation agreement on agricultural produce, processed agricultural products, fishes and fishing products on the grounds that it includes the territory of Western Sahara.

Khadad said that in the official journal, EU Council has only used the arguments it had developed before the court, and that it is not a new decision as Rabat alleges.

The Saharawi official stressed that "EU council had announced to apply for suspending the execution of December's ruling."

The council, however, gave up, convinced that it would certainly fail. "It is a new victory for the Saharawi people."

In addition, "the EU Council has in no way adopted Morocco's thesis according to which the Kingdom has sovereignty over Western Sahara."SPS