Call for demolition of separation wall, destruction of Moroccan occupier's mines

Shaheed El hafed (Refugee Camps), 4 April 2016 (SPS) -Many Sahrawi officials called Monday for exerting pressure on the Morocco occupier to demolish "the wall of shame " (wall of separation erected by Morocco) and destruct over 10 million mines laid along this wall, in order to avoid a humanitarian disaster in the Sahrawi occupied territories.

During an awareness-raising meeting on the dangers of antipersonnel mines held by the Algerian association "Mechaal Echahid" in the Sahrawi refugee camps, president of the Foreign Affairs and Information Committee at the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry Salek Mohamed Madi stated that "anti-personnel mines laid along the separation wall still threaten millions of innocents has not been destroyed yet."

Besides, central manager of the secretariat of the political commissionership and member of the national secretariat of the Polisario Front, Youcef Ahmed hailed "unflinching solidarity between the Algerian and Sahrawi revolutions," recalling that since the 1970s, "Algerians spared no effort to help their Sahrawi brothers."

Mohamed Ahmed Ambriki, political commissioner at the Chahid Cherif center of victims of the war against the Sahrawi people, stated that the center provides care to 151 war victims of mines including women, children and the elderly.  

President of the Sahrawi campaign for the victims of mines and awareness-raising about their dangers, Bibat Cheikh Abdelhay highlighted, for his part, the role of awareness-raising about limitation of the number of mines victims, stressing that five groups chair the operations in the refugee camps and the liberated territories.

"We are here today to show solidarity with our brothers in the Sahrawi refugee camps to raise their awareness about the dangers of mines from which Algerians suffered during the national liberation war and are still suffering, Algerian MP Saida Bounab said. (SPS)