Sit-in in Aragon in support of Gdeim Izik political prisoners‏

Aragon, March 29, 2016  (SPS) .- Members of various groups, including IU-Aragon, Um-Draiga-Friends of the Saharawi people in Aragon, CEAS-Sahara Federation of Barrios de Zaragoza (FABZ), Alouda , Engineers Without Borders, Common Zaragoza (ZEC) and Podemos demanded a fair and civil trial for Saharawi political prisoners of Gdeim Izik Group


With flags of Polisario Front and a banner in which we can read "Freedom for the Saharawi political prisoners" they have gathered at the headquarters of the Aragon Government and chanted slogans such as "guilty Morocco, Spain responsible".


Speaking to Europa Press, the Delegate of Polisario Front in Aragon, Sidhamed Darbal, explained that the aim of sit-in is "to ask the Government of Spain to involve  in resolving this unjust situation" and that "political" prisoners of Gdeim Izik " have a fair civil trial."


“Political prisoners are very sick without medical care, to call for new a fair trial to proof their innocence,” Sidhamed Darbal said


After a military trial of the Moroccan occupation they were sentenced between 20 and 30 years in prison and most of them to life imprisonment. Saharawi prisoners have launched a hunger strike since last March 1 and after 28 days health’s situation and symptomatic of these prisoners is regrettable.SPS