January 2019

UNSC expresses his support to the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General for Western Sahara (Press Statement)

New York, Jan 31, 2019 (SPS) – the Security Council of United Nation expressed their full support for the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General for Western Sahara, former President Horst Köhler of Germany in press statement was issued today by Council President José Singer Weisinger (Dominican Republic)

Western Sahara: Kohler to launch new series of consultation in February

New York, Jan 30, 2019 (SPS)- UN Envoy for Western Sahara Horst Kohler will launch new series of consultation with the parties to the conflict and the neighbouring countries, in preparation of the second round of talks planned to take place next March to definitively put the peace process back on track.

Western Sahara: Frente POLISARIO broaches “window of opportunity” for settlement of conflict

New York, Jan 30, 2019 (SPS)- The Frente  POLISARIO underlined Tuesday that there is a real “window of opportunity” to resolve the conflict in western Sahara, calling on the Security Council to “act in the interest of the peace process.”

President Brahim Gali undertakes national tour to all wilayas

Smara (Saharawi Refugee camps), January 29, 2019 (SPS) - the President of the Republic, Brahim Gali, undertook a visit to  the wilaya of Smara to review the progress of work in the institutions at regional and local level, in the framework of his tour to the wilayas of the Republic

The physical disappearance of Murad Medelci is a loss for the African constitutional institutions "(president of the Sahrawi Constitutional Council)

Chahid El Hafed (Saharawi Refugee Camps), Jan 29, 2019 (SPS) - The president of the Sahrawi Constitutional Council, Mohamed Buzeid, affirmed that the departure of Mourad Medelci, president of the Algerian Constitutional Council, is a loss for African institutions and constitutional courts.

President Brahim Gali offers his condolences to his Algerian counterpart following the death of Algerian Constitutional Council President

Bir Lehlu (Liberated Territories of the Saharawi Republic), Jan 29, 2019 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Brahim Gali, sent a message of condolences to his Algerian counterpart, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, following the the death of the President of algerian constitutional council, Mourad Medelci.

Congress of French Communist Youth endorses motion in support of Sahrawi people's struggle

Paris (France), January 18, 2019 (SPS) - The participants in the 42nd Congress of the French Communist Youth Movement unanimously endorsed a motion on Western Sahara calling for support of the struggle of the Sahrawi people to exercise their right to self-determination, as provided for in international law, the resolutions of the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

Sahrawi community in Tenerife organizes solidarity platform with repatriated Sahrawi activist

Tenerife (Canary Islands) January 27, 2018 (SPS) - The Sahrawi community in Tenerife organized, on Saturday at the headquarters of the Canarian Association of Solidarity with the Sahrawi people, a solidarity platform with Sahrawi student and activist Hussein Ould Bashir Ould Brahim who was forcibly repatriated by the Spanish authorities to Morocco.

LPPS congratulates Saharawi people on release of first group of student prisoners

El-Aaiun (Occupied Territories), January 27, 2019 (SPS) - The Association of Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners in Moroccan Prisons (LPPS) has congratulated the Sahrawi people and Sahrawi political prisoners on the release of the first group of Sahrawi students from Moroccan prisons, in a message.

Saharawi Community in Lanzarote protests against repatriation of Sahrawi young activist

Lanzarote (Spain), January 26, 2019 (SPS) - The Saharawi Community in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, organized a demonstration in front of the Sub-Commission of the Spanish government to protest the repatriation of Sahrawi young activist Hussein Ould Bashir upon his arrival on the island and handing him over by the Spanish authorities to the Moroccan police, which was pursuing him to arrest him on the background of his position in support of self-determination and independence of

Ministry of Occupied Territories denounces Moroccan violations of Sahrawi rights, Spanish complicity (Communiqué)

Shaheed Alhafed, January 26, 2019 (SPS) - The Ministry of occupied territories and Communities has condemned in the strongest terms the violations carried out by Morocco against the rights of the Sahrawis in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, southern Morocco and Sahrawi political detainees in Moroccan prisons.

President Brahim Gali offers his condolences to his Mexican counterpart following the tragedy of an oil pipeline explosion in Hidalgo

Bir-lehlu (Liberated Territories), Jan 24, 2019 (SPS) - Through a letter addressed, the President of the Republic and Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Ghali, has extended his condolences to his Mexican counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the people of Mexico for the tragedy caused by the explosion of an oil pipeline in Hidalgo in Mexico.

“Sahrawi Republic presence in Brussels meeting failed Moroccan attempts to exterminate Saharawi people" (FA Minister)

Brussels, Jan 24, 2019 (SPS) – the Foreign Affairs Minister,  Mohamed Salem Uld Salek said on Tuesday that the presence of the SADR at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the African Union and the European Union in Brussels has fail the Moroccan attempts to exterminate the Saharawi people.

OOTT and Abroad Communities Ministry slams Moroccan authorities repression against Sahrawi masses in the occupied parts of Western Sahara

Chahid El Hafed, Jan 24,  2019 (SPS) - The Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Abroad Communities has strongly criticized  of the Moroccan authorities' repression and harassment against the Sahrawi people  the occupied parts of Western Sahara, in communiqué issued by it  on the horizon of theThe King of Spain's upcoming visit to Morocco, a copy of which obtained by SPS

President, Brahim Gali offers condolences to his South African counterpart following the death of Ambassador Dumisani Khumalo

Bir Lehlou, Jan 22 2019 (SPS) – President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali, has sent a condolence message to his South African  counterpart, President of the Republic of South Africa , H.E. Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, following  the death of Ambassador Dumisani Khumalo who died on Sunday at the age of 71.

Aminetu Haidar says reprisals against a delegation of Saharawi activists clearly illustrate the human rights situation in Occupied Western Sahara

El Aaiún (Occupied capital of Western Sahara), Jan 21, 2019 (SPS) - The president of the Saharawi Collective of Human Rights (CODESA), Ms. Aminetu Haidar has assured to SPS exclusively that reprisals against a delegation of Sahrawi activists clearly illustrate the human rights situation in the Occupied Areas of Western Sahara

Sahrawi Republic takes part at EU and AU Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels

Brussels (Belgium), Jan 22, 2019 (SPS) - A Saharawi delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Salem Uld Salek took part in the meeting of foreign affairs ministers of the African Union and the European Union held in Brussels from 21 to 22 January.

Morocco-EU Agreement: Polisario Front to again refer to European court

Shaheed Alhafed, January 21, 2019 (SPS) – The Polisario Front has decided to again take the controversial EU-Morocco trade agreement including the Sahrawi territories before the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Last Wednesday, the agreement has been adopted by the European parliament. The battle for the preservation of the Sahrawi natural resources will constitute a decisive factor of pressure on the Moroccan occupying power.

Siege of occupied territories delegation unveils lies of Moroccan state (Minister of Occupied Territories)

Shaheed Alhafed, January 20, 2019 (SPS) – Member of National Secretariat of the Polisario Front, Minister of the Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad, Bashir Mustafa Sayed, has underlined that the presence of all formations of the Moroccan forces to besiege the delegation of the occupied territories returning from the Sahrawi refugee camps has unmasked lies of the Moroccan occupation state in guaranteeing freedom of movement and fundamental freedoms of persons.

Polisario Front draws attention of UN Security Council to consequences of European-Moroccan agreement

New York (United Nations), January 20, 2019 (SPS) - Following a vote by the European Parliament on the amended agricultural agreement between the European Union and Morocco, Representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Ammar, has sent a letter to Ambassador José Singer Weisinger, Special Envoy of the Dominican Republic to the Security Council, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Council for this month.

HRW severely criticizes Morocco

Washington, January 19, 2019 (SPS) - The non-governmental organization (NGOs) Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounced Thursday the banning by Morocco of rallies in favor of self-determination as well as the obstruction imposed on the work of the NGOs in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

Morocco-EU agreement: EP "ignores ECJ decisions and approves illegal agreement"

Bruxelles, Jan 17, 2019 (SPS) – The European Parliament vote during a plenary session held on Wednesday in Strasbourg, on the EU-Morocco agreement including the products from Western Sahara are an "act of utter treachery" which breaches the decisions of the European Court of Justice which ruled on the "distinct" and "separate" aspect of Western Sahara territory, said a diplomatic source in Brussels.

European MEPs call for the rejection of EU-Morocco trade deal

Strasbourg, Jan 16 2019 (SPS) - MEPs of the parliamentary group (Peace for Western Sahara) has urged the European Parliament to vote against the controversial EU-Morocco trade deal that includes Western Sahara We the undersigned Members of the European Parliament are deeply concerned over the controversial proposal to extend the EU-Morocco trade agreement to Western Sahara, a proposal which is to be voted on Wednesday 16th January.

Frente POLISARIO condemns EU decision to extend the EU-Morocco trade deal to the occupied territories of Western Sahara

Strasbourg, January 17,  2019 (SPS) -  The Frente Polisario strongly condemns the illegal and shortsighted decision by the EU Parliament to extend the EU-Morocco trade deal to the occupied territories of Western Sahara. The vote taken today was upheld in an environment devoid of scrutiny and transparency.

Algeria and South Africa renew their support to Saharawi people right to self-determination and freedom

Algiers, Jan 15, 2019 (SPS) - In a joint statement issued at the conclusion of a working visit to Algeria by the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Ms. Lindyou Sisulu, the two countries emphasized the need to end colonialism in Western Sahara and allow the Saharawi people to exercise their right to self-determination.