Thursday, 04/03/2021
Algiers, March 04, (SPS) - Abdul Massih Al-Shami, the coordinator of Arab-European relations in the German Parliament said on Tuesday that Morocco's decision to suspend diplomatic relations with the German embassy in Rabat is an "anti-diplomatic act," affirming that Germany recognizes the right of Western Sahara to independence. In a statement to... + continue reading

Occupied zones

Saturday, 26/12/20
Occupied El Aiun, 26 December 2020 (SPS) - The committee of the families of the 15 kidnapped Sahrawi people has attributed, to the Moroccan occupation authorities, the full and direct responsibility... + continue reading


Friday, 18/12/20
Washington (USA) 18 December 2020 (SPS)- Former US Secretary of State, James Baker III, published an opinion yesterday in The Washington Post, warning against the dangerous possible implications of... + continue reading