Thursday, 17/09/2020
Geneva, Sept, 17 2020 (SPS) -The participants in a videoconference, held Tuesday in Geneva by the Support Group to Western Sahara, urged the United Nations (UN) to accelerate the holding of a self-determination referendum on occupied Western Sahara.     On the sidelines of the Geneva Conference themed “60th anniversary of UN... + continue reading

Occupied zones

Saturday, 08/08/20
Tiflet (Morocco), 8 August 2020 (SPS) - Sahrawi civilian prisoner Mohamed Hasena Ahmed-Salem Bourial, in the local prison of Tiflet 2, Morocco, on Friday announced waging a warning hunger strike for... + continue reading


Friday, 17/07/20
BY Oscar Kasya * Thirty-three years after it broke ranks with the African Union (AU), then known as the OAU, Morocco was in 2017 readmitted amidst stiff resistance during an AU Summit held in Adis... + continue reading