With or without Morocco in AU, Polisario Front has “already won”

London (U.K.), February 01, 2017 (SPS) - Morocco’s admission to the African Union (AU) does not change the fact that the Polisario Front, the only legitimate representative of the people of Western Sahara “has already won” by being recognized by the Union, said Wednesday, the director of the Arab Centre for Social and Political Research (CARAPS) based in Geneva (Switzerland), Riadh Sidaoui.

“The Polisario has already won. The fact that it is recognized by the African Union, it is already a victory for the Polisario,” Sidaoui told British Television BBC, from Geneva.

He said that the fact the Morocco re-integrated the AU “will certainly provoke confrontations and clashes between Sahrawi and Moroccan diplomats in debates,” but it will not change the fact that Western Sahara “has already won.”

Furthermore, the BBC also had an interview with the ambassador to the Sahrawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sidi Mohammed Omar, who said that Morocco’s return to the African Union will now make it possible to revive the decisions taken by the AU concerning the referendum in Western Sahara.

Sidi Mohammed said that “Morocco cannot change the AU’s position on the Sahrawi issue,” explaining that “a member of the Union cannot unilaterally change the AU’s constitutive act, which is opposed to colonization.SPS