Royal House of Mandela supports NEHAWU demonstration in support of Western Sahara at the Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria

Cape Town, (South Africa) 31 July 2019 (SPS)- Mr. Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, President of the Royal House of Mandela, declared in a press release on Tuesday, that its House supports the call by the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (NEHAWU) to “demonstrate at the Moroccan Embassy demanding an end to Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, Africa's last colony.”

NEHAWU to demonstrate Today at Moroccan Embassy and South African Parliament against Western Sahara’s occupation

Cape Town (South Africa) 31 July 2019 (SPS)– The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) will be demonstrating at the Moroccan Embassy and outside South African Parliament Today, according to the spokesperson of the trade Union, Khaya Xaba.

Sahrawi Republic takes part at Specialized Technical Committee 3rd regular session on Health, Population and Drug Control

Cairo, Egypt 29 July 2019 (SPS) - The Saharawi Republic,  represented by adviser at the Ministry of Public Health, Mr. Saleh Bachir,  took part in the third regular session of the Specialized Technical Committee for Health, Population and Drug Control, held in Cairo, Egypt, from 29 July to 02 August 2019,

New Saharawi doctors batch´s Graduation

Havana, July 30, 2019 (SPS) - the graduation ceremony  of a new group of Sahrawi doctors took place at the Carlos Marx Theater in Havana where thousands of foreign students from all over the country were awarded their degrees as Medicine graduates, according to source from Saharwi Embassy in Cuba

Finan and Vermeren: EU violates rulings of the European Court on Western Sahara to pay the "good conduct" of Morocco

Paris (France) 29 July 2019 (SPS)- Mrs. Khadija Mohsen-Finan and Mr. Pierre Vermeren, assured in a collective article they published on July 27th on the French newspaper "Le Monde", that in order to pay the "good conduct" of Morocco, the European Union did not hesitate to violate the judgments of the European Court of Justice relating to Western Sahara.

Moroccan repression: Protection of unarmed Sahrawis required

Boumerdes (Algeria), 29 July 2019 (SPS) -Sahrawi Prime Minister Mohamed Wali Akeik called Saturday, in Boumerdes (50-km east of Algiers), on the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to "assume full responsibility" in the protection of disarmed Sahrawi people, facing Moroccan repression.

10th Polisario Front Summer Conference: Sahrawis' right to self-determination, independence reiterated

Boumerdes (Algeria), 29 July 2019 (SPS) (Algeria), 29 July 2019 (SPS) - The works of the tenth Summer Conference of the executives of the Polisario Front and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), taking place in Boumerdes, focused on Sunday on two main themes "International Law and rights of colonized peoples (the case of Sahrawi people)" and "Need to implement principle of self-determination in Western Sahara."

Namibia reiterates support for Sahrawi people's right to self-determination and independence

Boumerdes, Algeria, 27 July 2019 (SPS) - Ambassador of Namibia to Algeria, Mrs. Panduleni-Kaino Shingenge, has reiterated the firm support of Namibia for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and independence, in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions.

13 Saharawi detainees including 4 minors presented to Moroccan colonial courts in occupied El Aaiun

El Aaiun (Occupied territories) 28 July 2019 (SPS)- 13 young Saharawi detainees, including 4 minors, were presented on Monday 22 July, before Moroccan colonial justice courts system, after they were arrested Friday and Saturday 19 and 20 July’ following police and para-military crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in occupied El Aaiun, Western Sahara.

SWAPO youth League demand immediate independence of Western Sahara and halt of natural resources’ theft by Morocco

Windhoek (Namibia) 27 July 2019 (SPS)- Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) addressed a letter of solidarity Today to Polisario’s Youth organisation, UJSARIO, calling for the immediate independence of Western Sahara and prompt halt of Moroccan human rights violations and illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara.


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