Spain-Morocco crisis has shown Western Sahara conflict is matter of decolonization

Algiers, 10 June 2021 (SPS)-The recent crisis between Spain and Morocco has shown that the Sahrawi conflict is a matter of uncompleted decolonization, said Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) to Colombia Mah Lahdid in an article published on the Algerian online newspaper La Patrie News.

The crisis triggered by the pressure imposed by Morocco on Spain to recognize its alleged sovereignty over the Western Sahara, which was amplified by the hospitalization in Spain of the Sahrawi president Brahim Gali. It is also closely linked "to the dramatic and chaotic socio-economic situation in Morocco that provokes social revolts,” said Mah Lahdih.

"We have witnessed a timid awakening of Spain in the defense of its sovereignty in the face of constant interference and Morocco’s pressure, as well as in its assumption of responsibility as the administering power of the territory of Western Sahara," said the diplomat.

The crisis between the two countries has revealed "the true face of the medieval Moroccan system with the obscene and condemnable use of the innocent population, especially minors and infants,” he continued.

"Morocco's position both in the United Nations (UN) and in the African Union (AU) is that of recognizing the existence of SADR, but it denies this position under internal propaganda,” said.

"An example of this propaganda that does not fit the reality of things is when the Makhzen says that the Sahrawi Republic does not exist but sits next to the representatives of this Republic in all AU summits, parliamentary and ministerial meetings,” said the ambassador. SPS