Stability in the region and the African continent is linked to the solution of the Sahrawi issue (strategist and expert of Algeria)

Boumerdes (Algeria) August 15, 2018 (SPS) - Algerian security and strategic expert Ahmed Mezab said Tuesday that the security and comprehensive development in the region and the African continent is linked to solving the Sahrawi issue and enabling its people to exercise their right of  self-determination in a lecture entitled "The security situation in the Sahel and its repercussions on the Sahrawi question" on the tenth day of the Summer University of Frente POLISARIO and the Saharawi state executives.

 “The organized crime, terrorism and the growing foreign ambitions among the superpowers of the Sahel, in addition to the existence of failed states, and the return of foreign fighters are all security challenges that threaten the stability and security of the Sahel region. According to the Algerian researcher

The Algerian strategist warned of foreign hands that, by embodying the concept of "creative chaos," tried to spread chaos in the African Sahel region and seek to miss important issues in the region and marginalize them as a decolonization issue from Western Sahara.

Ahmed Mezab emphasized that the security disturbances in the Sahel impacted negatively on the Saharawi issue, calling for the necessity to face these challenges by controlling terminology such as establishing a true concept of terrorism, working to enlighten the international public opinion and exploiting the legal front concerning wealth and humanity as soft power to serve the Sahrawi issue.

The African continent, which suffered colonization for centuries, will remain on the side of the Saharawi people as Western Sahara, the last colony on the African continent, and to enable its people to self-determination. SPS