Algerian academic Ahmed Hamadi underlines new media importance

Boumerdas (Algeria), August 16, 2017 (SPS) - The role of the new media was discussed at the Summer University for the POLISARIO and SADR officials held in the Algerian city of Boumerdas. in this regard, the dean of the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Algiers, Professor Ahmed Hamadi stressed the importance of taking advantage of the new media because of its importance in creating the international political opinion.


Ahmed Hamadi, in his speech entitled 'discursive communication', emphasized the role of communication as it is "the activity that seeks to provide the necessary information to international society." "International communication is very linked to the foreign policy of the countries because of their orientation towards the objectives that are intended to achieve," adds the Algerian expert.


In order to bring the Saharawi cause to the different international circles, Ahmed Hamadi, recommended the promotion of the use of new technologies to bring the just cause of the Saharawi people to international public opinion. This is based on denying Moroccan propaganda and highlighting the legality of the case from the point of view of international law and the rules governing decolonization. SPS