Ubbi Buchraya: "the Moroccan bill to include the Saharawi waters is a step in the void"

Paris, July 13 2017 (SPS) - The representative of the Frente POLISARIO in France, Ubbi Buchraya, considered that the Moroccan bill, approved on 6 July, which includes the Saharawi maritime territory in Morocco, is a step in the vacuum and without legal sense "stating that it is a reflection of" the spontaneity of the occupying state in the management of its colonial presence in Western Sahara, which is a fact repudiated by the whole world. "

The Saharawi diplomat, in his interview with the French channel, France24, said Wednesday that Morocco has "no sovereignty over Western Sahara, according to international law, the positions of all countries of the world and international organizations. so, Morocco cannot manage what is not theirs, "Bushraya said, before deciding that" the only owner of the future of the territory is the Saharawi people through a process of self-determination. "

The representative of the POLISARIO clarified that Morocco is experiencing "extraordinary isolation because of its occupation of Western Sahara and to make flight, with decisions of this type," adding "the step is an early response to judicial decisions on the Saharawi natural resources ".

Finally, Ubbi Buchraya indicated that Morocco "is losing its colonial battle and instead of collaborating with the UN is resorting to decisions against current, which further exacerbates their isolation ... their failure in the UA, is witness to it ". SPS