President of Republic begins an inspection tour to wilayas

Wilaya de Auserd, July 04, 2017 (SPS) – The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali has begun a tour to the wilayas beginning on Monday by Auserd.

The President and the delegation accompanying him had the opportunity to assess the functioning of the basic political organizations and how to improve their performance.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the permanent members of the Bureau of the National Secretariat addressed several issues: Bachir Mustafa Sayed, member of the NS, presented the main diplomatic achievements; Mustafa Mohamed Ali Sid el Bachir, Minister of the Interior, addressed the internal situation and the challenges of security; Hamma Salama responsible for the political organization, the importance of the work of the grassroots committees; Brahim Ahmed Mahmud, the espionage work of the enemy; Naama Jumani, the importance of the Saharawi state as a guarantee of national unity.

The President of the Republic closed the ceremony with an intervention, where he reiterated the importance of the role of the political organization in terms of mobilization, as well as the Intifada of independence and the need to support it permanently. SPS