Danish Organisation Afrika Kontakt urges Morocco to release Saharawi Gdeim Izik group

Copenhagen (Denmark) 16 March 2017(SPS) – In Press release issued Tuesday by the Danish Organisation Afrika Kontakt has urged the Moroccan Government to release the Saharawi Gdeim Izik group.

Afrika Kontakt stated in its Statement: “Right now a new lawsuit has started against the 25 Saharawi activists of Gdeim Izik who for several years have been jailed under severe circumstances for their involvement in a protest camp. First they were presented to Military Court trial and now to Civilian Court in Morocco.

Afrika Kontakt urges the Danish Foreign Affairs Minister together with the other EU countries to put pressure on the Moroccan authorities to release the 25 Saharawi activists.

Afrika Kontakt demands the Danish Embassy in Morocco to be present at trial including helping to ensure that the activists' lawyers can freely talk with their clients and do their job.

Afrika Kontakt supports an international inquiry into human rights violations in this case.” (SPS)